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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Working on my Weebly site and more today - check it out -


Also finally was able to download my photos today - lots of technical issues today - is Mercury Retrograde?

Easter morning

Remember last day for 15% off my shop before prices increase due to postage increases.  But wil always try and make reasonable.  This sale goes through until I wake up tomorrow morning around 5 AM Mountian time USA - so take advantage of it - you can checkout the shop now directly on etsy:



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In the meantime it is still dark here so here is an Easter sunrise coming for you !

Saturday, March 30, 2013


That which awakens your soul -
that which consumes you 
to the extent
that you pray it will 
never disappear. 

eats away at your insides
as you recognize
that your passion 
is not acceptable,
not within Society,
not in this culture....
not in this world. 

Copyright V. Rose 1999

Postage increasing!

Last weekend for 15% off my etsy shop and then postage must increase as well.  Buy now!


Much more in my shop!

Easy FB shop

Officially confused - opened another FaceBook shop which is a shop and not a timeline but when I suggested to friends - gave the link to all 200+ the old page - so please check it out - the new one -


Friday, March 29, 2013


Love taking photographs -


So often I hide
all that is within me:
the passion, the tears,
the love, the fears.

To express feeling is to live
as well as to die.
Passion implodes
within my soul
demanding to be recognized
though nowhere to go.

It's easier to hide
and pretend
that we fit
until our eyes
meet another
who does not wish
to hide.

And our soul 
reaches out
hoping, praying
to be accepted. 

 Copyright V. Rose 1999

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ending Easter Sale - 4 days left!


Last 4 days of 15% off entire Etsy shop (excluding GC) - watercolors, jewelry, soaps, photo cards, photographs, candles and more......

Crutches on-going

It is official - crutches are the worst!  38 days already and AT LEAST 25 more minumum!  And was on them last October also when the rock first fell on my foot!

Having a nerve induction study to be done on April 16 and the results April 22 - will let you all know!

Meanwhile- I am hobbling along attempting to recall photographs I have taken previously when I could walk the dog!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bird & Haiku

Well best photo I could get from the yard....   can't see much from behind the fence -

Bird on neighbor's house

Been awhile since written any Hiaku and not the best but here goes:


Not much to see on crutches
so put camera high -
Clear skies and bird up above. 

Watercolor sale

Sold another watercolor to the UK - I know there is paperwork to do but gives you lots more customers ......

She took advantage of the 15% off with the code EASTER15 and unfortunately postage prices have risen so my postage prices will be going up so take advantage now!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stretch bracelet

Just listed and plan on making more - 

Missing the sunrise

Miss the days of the sunrise and walking the dog though have discovered I can sleep later which is nice on some days!

And don't forget 15% off everything (except gift certificates) in my shop only through this March!!!   Won't have another sale like this for awhile.
15% off entire purchase (S/H not include) - just use code EASTER15 at checkout.


Monday, March 25, 2013

New Creation

Another item ready to be listed on etsy - hopefully will get to today!

Morning skies

Morning skies;
touches of pink;
clouds awakening
touching our souls.

Morning skies
called Spirit
reminding us
of gratitude,
humility and passion.

Passion for our lives,
our children,
our work.
Passion for our lovers
whether with us or not.

Morning skies
opening our hearts
into balance
reminding us not only
of love
but the loneliness
that can also pierce
our souls.

Copyright V. Rose 1999

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Winter revisited

OK.   7 degrees out - feels like -2 F ( -19 C) - winter revisted - let's relax and do a jigsaw puzzle with a cup of hot chocolate!
Click on the arrow in the bottom left corner.....

Click to Mix and Solve

Saturday, March 23, 2013

So tired

Can't believe I feel asleep at the laptop again.  Using crutches is SO tiring - am so behind in everything - but don't you be left behind - 15% off entire purchase only this month with code EASTER15 at checkout -


My shop sells jewelry, Czech jewelry and eye-glass lanyards, door placards, original signed watercolors, true film photographs and photo cards, ribbon book markers, gel and hand-painted candles, glycerin soaps, and more. 

Just some examples:


Well took this out the window - a bit chillier than I had thought.

Snow and more

Snowed last niht but barely covers the grass - won't harm the peas, onions and garlic I watered yesterday but we need more like this above of 2 years ago.  
Also just re-listed some green Czech beaded and malachite dangling earrings and a blue gel candle - check them out - both 15% off listed price.  


Friday, March 22, 2013

Sale won't last forever

Still time for Easter to get your gift at 15% off or get ready for Mother's Day at my Etsy shop - http://etsy.me/11xRwCR

My day.....

Well it is official - the microwave died - but I did sell some more earrings to Australia so better make more - what else is there to do since I am STILL on crutches and need a nerve test done now except to sit and do things - like make the above (still for sale but like the ones I sold)
or sit and watch a sunrise/sunset.  

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Blazing light 
piercing the soul - 
a remembrance 
of Oneness -
of Humanity.
Gently caressing the mountainside,
silhouetting Spirit.

Such is the Sun
as it encompasses the horizon.
Such is your touch 
as I feel your passion.
Golden Sky
reflected within your eyes
trusting my words
acknowedging the inevitable.
The truth of life -
spirit within -
asking to be heard -
demanding to be touched -
knowing the Oneness 
within you and I.

Copyright V. Rose 1999

Watercolors for sale -

Own an original signed watercolor painted in a Zen-like meditative style.  Unframed so you can frame to your decor and liking.  15% off this month - 11 more days only - with code EASTER15 at checkout.  Take advantage.  Postage rates have increased but mine will remain the same throughout this month.  

Here are 2 examples.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Remember 15% off for another 10 days only!!!!

Check these out  - 

Baby dog

Baby - then and now -not the greatest photos to show the difference but she's grown - almost 5 now. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Remember 15% off all items in my Etsy shop through Easter!


One of my many watercolors

The typing cat

And I thought I was the only one that could type -
but aren't her eyes closed?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Meeting lips

She entered the room -
candles glowing, music playing.
Dressed in black - 
blond hair flowing down her back.
Her presence more than a body.
Her scent beyond comprehension.
As she moved
the energy moved with her. 
Intensity of the moment increased.
She danced and swayed to the Spirit inside
demanding Soul to connect.
No words, no song
just naked understanding
as she danced to the 
beat of my heart. 
She overthrew all
mental knowledge.
I understood nothing
but knew one thing:
my lips were to meet hers.

Copyright Vallee 1999

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Had a little trouble washing my face this AM....

Remember 15% off entire store throughout this month - watercolors, jewelry, candles, soaps and more...   all made by myself.  Check it out and get some gifts for yourself or others

Some examples: over 130 items available.

Happy St. Patricks' Day to all!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

This stream used to flow through my backyard in Oregon.

The birds are standing in the stream.  
 Difficult to see due to the summer foliage.
Enjoy another jig-saw puzzle - click on the arrow in the bottom left hand corner

Click to Mix and Solve

Friday, March 15, 2013

A New Day

Sun rises;
a happy hello;
busy people to & fro .
I stand on the hillside
watching below;
knowing in Spirit
that I must go.

I enter the world 
overwhelmed by emotions -
praying for angels...
watching the devil.
The world is a balance
of good and bad;
a tic-tac-toe
of emotional attachments.
I find myself
 set apart,
knowing answers
unable to be spoken
with a passion to love
too intense to be felt
and a soul praying
for love and compassion
as others fight
within themselves.  

Copyright V. Rose 1999


Where I lived in Oregon - don't miss the rain but boy I miss the woods and there is a stream running under the side porch under the stairs you can see going up to the house.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Don't forget about my Easter Sale on etsy - http://etsy.me/11xRwCR

Every item in my store is 15% off through the month of March - use the code EASTER15 at checkout.  If you forget it is on the front page on the site. 

Website -

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 Beginning of first blog there - though mainly using to sell - 

EnchantedRoseProduct Shop: I provide handmade, unique, one-of-a-kind products. Looking for jewelry, soaps, original watercolors, photography, bookmarks, eye-glass lanyards, candles and more... all handmade items by myself.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Flowing water?

Love these effects on my photography!

Revolving cube

Photo cube from an actual TV table I painted.  Didn't know it would turn here - sorry but can't slow down.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ready for St. Patrick's Day??

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