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Friday, May 31, 2013

Featured Etsy artist #3 - NAPW member!

From Justine's page -


All OOAK & Handmade Jewelry

Well, I was buying jewelry for myself off of Tophatter and one day I won a mystery box full of jewelry supplies, so I started making simple things, like earrings, well, that was it for me, I started watching on-line tutorial videos, went to Michaels first, won some more mystery boxes, then started ordering more from FireMountainGems, E-bay, etc. I opened my shop on Etsy in Oct. 2012. Now I just started making jewelry in Sept. 2012, so that was pretty fast. I've always been into some sort of craft, but had not done anything in a long time. But once I started making jewelry, I fell in love with it! I love anything sparkles and shines. It is now my passion and love, outside of my family and friends, they always come first! But I love the look on my customer's faces when I give them their piece if jewelry, and how they light up and smile! It gives me such great pleasure knowing that I've made someone happy! It's been slow selling on-line, but I'm not giving up, as I know I will make it one day! I know my quality of work and have gotten alot of good feedback from many other popular jewelers! And I know you will be happy with my work also!
Justine Redman
owner, Owner, Designer, Maker

Last Day!

Last day for 20% off my entire shop (excluding gift certificates) - sale ends as soon as I get up tomorrow AM Mountain time and deactivate the coupon code SALE20!  Don't miss out!

Hand-painted candles, glycerin soaps, watercolors, lots of different earrings, bracelets and necklaces and more - all handcrafted by myself.  Have graduation gifts, birthday presents, baby shower gifts and more all set and ready to go - no rushing out at the last moment!

Money to be used for my hubby's dental work!  We are on a time frame - thanks for at least taking a look - all items will ship Monday AM. 


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Will you sleep well tonight?

How many of you go to sleep with visions of "bankruptcy" going through your minds?  We don't change until we

NEED to - my daughter has found a way - not a quick rich scene but definitely a product that works and can be fun- teamwork available - check it out first - contact her at 505-699-3666 or e-mail her at sexyskinnywrapsnm@gmail.com.     You can check out the products at https://www.facebook.com/julie.skinnywraps and/or sexyskinnywrapsnm.myitworks.com

I did and became a loyal customer but not until I tried a wrap!

Last 2 days for my Etsy sale - 20% off!

Last 2 days for 20% off EVERYTHING & ANYTHING in my etsy shop (excluding gift certificates).  Don't miss out - http://etsy.me/11xRwCR

My shop also sells Czech jewelry and eye-glass lanyards, original signed watercolors, true film photographs and photo cards, gel and hand-painted candles, glycerin soaps, door hangers and a bit more.

 And check back later - going to tell you a way to go to bed without financial worries and looking good all at the same time - 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to make $ in this difficult economy

Check out this blog and see a way to tone down, detox and actally make extra money with no limits all at the same time..

Here's the link for those coming here from a different site - 

  Honest - have seen it done - not a get rich quick scheme - you do have to work - but is team work - you have parties, have fun - and have others who help you out - you are not alone.  Looking for distributors today!  Contact Julie at 505-699-3666 or e-mail her at sexyskinnywrapsnm@gmail.com

Check it out at



 today and get into the business before the end of the month!

Here's a photo of my daughter and grand-daughter- I believe in her!   And I have a professional Etsy site at https://www.etsy.com/shop/EnchantedRoseProduct  just so you know this isn't a scam!  I'll put my shop on the line!

New items coming to my shop -

Three (3) more days for 20% off on all items in my shop with code SALE20 - so check it out - https://www.etsy.com/shop/EnchantedRoseProduct

And then in June new products coming  - soaps, jewelry and more - get ready and be the first to see the new products!

A few examples of the soaps - 

Want that toned - detoxed body for summer?

Divorced mother of 3 - trying to finish her AA degree and put all 3 kids in sports - trying to make a little extra money since getting no help.  She is dedicated, hardworking and LOVES her kids.  And she is my daughter - look at past posts for photos.  This is also a way you can make money as well - interested?    Look at the results of this product. 

 Go to https://www.facebook.com/julie.skinnywraps/photos 

Become a loyal customer and get products at a large discount.  Start selling skinny wraps and become a distributer - the possibilities are endless.  I lost 2 1/4 pounds off top, navel and hips each after 1 wrap and have kept it off and this is more than a week later.   I do a little exercise and eat pretty well but am no saint.  No hard work with these products but you might want to stop eating that bagful of potatoe chips daily whether you use skinny wraps or not.  Plus lots of supplements to help and get 5 others to pay $25 for a wrap and get yours free in the Santa Fe area or she may know someone in your area.  Give her a call at 505-699-3666 or send her an e-mail at sexyskinnnywrapsnm@gmail.com...  Help each other out.  You can buy your own and wrap yourself also to see how it works - I did and am sold on the product!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Featured Etsy shop #2

Check out this great Etsy shop - she is also starting another with delicious sweets - 


Sparkling Silver & Black Bracelet Industrial Hardware Star Burst Necklace in either Black or Periwinkle Blue Wine Cork Necklace with Blue Details 
  Famous Maker Inspired Glass Bead Bracelet in Browns Wine Cork Necklace with Leaf Charm Silver Disco Ball Earrings


Baby with glasses

Not feeling well today but thought this was a great photo for today!

Check out the next featured shop!

And remember I have 20% off my shop thorugh the rest of the month - car needs fixing;


Monday, May 27, 2013

Missing my family -

My daughter is working to sell skinny wraps - still have lost the inches and done  nothing else  - she is working hard on top of her full-time job -

(look at the photo section for lots of information) 

and purchase at  - 

Wish I could see them all again this summer - but doubtful!

Featured Etsy shop!

Check out this shop today - great sale ending soon!  Well she seems she already deactivated her shop.  Check back in August!


We are moving to the Country! So I am having a SALE on all my items! Use the Code- FINALLY and receive 50% off. I would love to not have to pack and move all of this! The sale is good till June 4, 2013. Then I will be working everyday on the old house and will deactivate my shop probably till August. Then I plan on doing LOTS more antique shopping for the store!!!

A few examples -

SALE Beautiful VASE Porcelain Floral China Vintage SALE NEW Handmade Quit TOP and Pillow Case Hand-sewn Pattern King's X SALE Shell Owl  Vintage 1950 Too Cute SALE UNIQUE Rickshaw Lamp Philippine Islands WWII Oriental Vintage SALE Set of 2 Barbie pants shirts and sandals SALE Small Sewing Chair Vintage with wood spools Pincushion Pink

SALE Vintage Michael Aaron Piano Course  Grade Two 1945  The Modern Approach to Piano Study SALE of S.R.O and  Hit from Other Albums - Herb Alpert and  the Tijuana Brass Music Book 1966 SALE Set of 2 Little Boy and Girl Colonial from Japan Porcelain

Happy memorial day!

Last week for 20% off all items in my shop (excluding gift certificates).  Ends Friday , May 31st, Mountain time USA (actually around 7 AM Sat. when I check the net) if it states that the coupon code is still available in the announcement then I haven't gotten to the net yet...  

AND first 4 orders this week get a free ribbon bookmarker as well.

My shop also provides bookmarks, original film photographs and photo cards, Czech glass beaded jewelry and eye-glass lanyards, other jewelry, glycerin soaps, gel candles, painted candles, , handpainted door placards and a bit more at times. 

Try to sell so can help out my family as much as possible, get dental work done for my husband and fix my car.   Difficult when one is on disability and we both are. 

 Taken July 2014 - boy they have grown - saw this month at their home. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

My family

Miss my family terribly......

Etsy sale continues throughout May & new items to come

Just donated some earrings for a good cause for chronic fibrosis.  Figure it I do something nice - something nice comes back - With over $600 to finish hubby's dental work and over $700 to fix my car (that is just very needed maintenance - forget that the driver side door doesn't open from the outside) I need to hussle and try and do something.  So painting more candles and glycerin soaps (jasmine scented) for June but won't be on sale - so if interested buy the ones you want now!
Time to weed wack now!  Still on crutches!

Last week of 20% off all items in my shop - jewelry, watercolors, soaps, candles and more - all handmade by myself - 

Saturday, May 25, 2013


I have lived her for almost 4 years and have never actually seen the gophers that mess up my yard - until today - couldn't get a photo but stood very still.  This guy measuring about 6 inches long with tiny legs - would pop up and grab some of the weeds and then go back down - once in a while he would eat a little - saw him do this at least a dozen times and that was when I was watching - then he pushed the dirt up to cover the hole!  No wonder can never find the holes where the dirt is - now I KNOW their secret!  As long as they stay out of the garden - they can stay!

last year's garden - this year smaller.

Urgent~ Monsanto- march today may 25th and petitions to sign.

Today is the day for the Monsanto march - some of you are marching already I know - check out this page to see where your country is marching!  This is worldwide.....  let's stop GMO's!  And save ourselves and our kids!


Here are a few petitions you can sign - even if you can't march!




Friday, May 24, 2013

It Works! Skinny wraps

Became a loyal customer today with It Works!    Skinny wraps and more....  so impressed with the one time wrap I had losing 2 1/4 inches off top, navel and hips EACH that I ordered their fat fighter supplements for 3 months auto-ship.  Hope to sell more on my etsy site so can buy more - these products work! And as a loyal customer you get up to 50% off on products. Check out more at these 2 sites -even if you buy 1 wrap to prove it to yourself - it is worth it.  Just contact Julie at sexyskinnywrapsnm@gmail.com 
or 505-699-3666
Say Vallee sent you...... and tell her what you want.



And if you live anywhere in the Santa Fe, Taos, New Mexico area - have a wrap party - get 5 friends to pay $25 each for a wrap and you get yours free.   

And while you are wrapping check out my site - http://www.etsy.com/shop/EnchantedRoseProduct.   For the whole month of May use code SALE20 at checkout and get 20% off.  

Just one example of many things that I make - also soaps, watercolors, candles and more.....

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Newest listing.

Matted waterolor - 9 1/2 x 7 1/2 on the inside (14" x 11" outer measurements)

Exclusive, original watercolor - only one painted - 20% off this month of May in my Etsy shop - 

Family pics


Family far away.

Wish I could visit them  more;

my daughter and kids.

Copyright V. Rose 2013

Mario - 6

Davi - 9

Lica - 5 

Daughter (mom) with Lica

Purchase from our websites and help keep these kids in activities for the summer.

(20% sale going on right now)
 and her site - https://sexyskinnywrapsnm.myitworks.com/Home
(I tried it - REALLY works!)