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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Want that toned - detoxed body for summer?

Divorced mother of 3 - trying to finish her AA degree and put all 3 kids in sports - trying to make a little extra money since getting no help.  She is dedicated, hardworking and LOVES her kids.  And she is my daughter - look at past posts for photos.  This is also a way you can make money as well - interested?    Look at the results of this product. 

 Go to https://www.facebook.com/julie.skinnywraps/photos 

Become a loyal customer and get products at a large discount.  Start selling skinny wraps and become a distributer - the possibilities are endless.  I lost 2 1/4 pounds off top, navel and hips each after 1 wrap and have kept it off and this is more than a week later.   I do a little exercise and eat pretty well but am no saint.  No hard work with these products but you might want to stop eating that bagful of potatoe chips daily whether you use skinny wraps or not.  Plus lots of supplements to help and get 5 others to pay $25 for a wrap and get yours free in the Santa Fe area or she may know someone in your area.  Give her a call at 505-699-3666 or send her an e-mail at sexyskinnnywrapsnm@gmail.com...  Help each other out.  You can buy your own and wrap yourself also to see how it works - I did and am sold on the product!

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