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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Bright red painted door

covering entrance to booze -

downtown liquor store. 

Copyright V. Rose

Well I know that when life gives you lemons - make lemonade...

Well - tired of lemonade.    

However got the cages put up around the veggies today and the 2 air conditioners covered with plastic so rain doesn't come in.  And then came the winds - fixed one and haven't looked at the other yet - our weather has been bizarre though wind is normal here.  

If you haven't heard - extending the 50% off all earrings $12 and under with code EARRINGS50  until the end of the month - however will be off-line May 17th - May 20th.   Going to visit my daughter and grandchildren.  First time been down there since 2001.  First sort-of vacation since about that time - unsure what the word means.....

So check out my shop - have watercolors, candles, soaps, photo cards and more in addition to the jewelry - thanks -



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