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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Trying to get ready to go to New Mexico Friday for a long weekend.  Lots to do and still finishing up my 50% sale off all earrings $12 and more to raise money.  Hubby now has chronic tonsillitis and will need his tonsils out after all the dental work and I am in pain from my bad foot and crutches though got a rollater.  

Now need to see if the garden needs watering, put the cages up over the plants, re-plastic around the air conditioners, the dog does need her bath and take hubby to a doctor's appointment and that is just today.  Plus daughter going through an incredibly emotional time right now which is affecting her already hurting body with more pain.  Just wish I could live closer - but will get there -

So if you still need a graduation gift or want something please purchase as soon as possible.  I will be OFF LINE  from Friday May 17 through at least May 20th and that is it all goes according to plan.  Will let the sale go until I get home.  Just remember I will have NO access to internet the days I will be gone. But will get back to you as soon as I am back.  Thank you .



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