Handmade jewelry, handpainted candles and much more....

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Turtle charm

Only got one item listed tonight - a great stretch bracelet with a turtle charm - tomorrow more earrings.....


Love this little turtle charm (can be removed) to remind me to slow down.  Also green healing beads included in this stretch bracelet - mix and match. 

Check out this photo.

Always enjoy these edited flowing photos.  Come back later - will have new items listed in my Etsy site -


New items

Made some more earrings  and another stretch bracelet - have to photograph and list  - then want to do a buy 2 - get a 3rd free on my jewelry - keep checking back here to see when starts - 

Here's an example -

Monday, April 29, 2013

Skinny Wraps

Have you tried these yet - detox and lose weight all at the same time - no saunas, hard exercise or starving diets - check it out - https://sexyskinnywrapsnm.myitworks.com/Home

My daughter's website - divorced mother of 3!  thanks. Please share.... become a loyal customer and make your own money.



 Up in the heavens

Caressing angels of old

Beginning at dusk.  

Copyright v. Rose

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EnchantedRoseProduct shop sells hand-made creations of Czech jewelry & eye-glass lanyards, other jewelry, hand-painted and gel candles, ribbon bookmarks, photo cards and photographs, original signed watercolors, glycerin soaps, handpainted door placards and a bit more. 


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Appreciate the Day!

Well that was a trip - literally yesterday - after 2 days of being placed on steroids my pulse went to 180.  Guaranteed won't try those again.  Saw different dimensions; eye twitching.... and all legal.


One who works with words

Saying much with few letters -

Connecting to God.

Copyright.V. Rose 

I appreciate another day today a lot!

Since everyone has been so kind to me I am extending my sale in my etsy shop throughout this month to help with Mother's Day gifts and whatever.  See last nights' blog for examples or go straight to http://www.etsy.com/shop/EnchantedRoseProduct

Saturday, April 27, 2013

SALE Continues -

Raising the $ to get to my grandson's first holy communion.  Need gas money and money to fix my car then more for my hubby's partials.  People are being so kind and buying from me - the 20% sale continues throughout the month I just decided - people have been good to me so I will extend the sale to help out - Mother's Day is coming and my products are mailed out within 2 days priority mail domestic and Air Mail internationally.  Have 100% positive feedback - check out my shop and the actual feedback.  Below are just a few examples - all handmade by myself.


Friday, April 26, 2013



Needed for the Earth

Warming up the ground below

Welcoming the birds.

Copyright V. Rose

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Thursday, April 25, 2013


Sold 2 of these candles but have lots more to sell - jewelry, watercolors and more....  come peruse my shop - http://www.etsy.com/shop/EnchantedRoseProduct

20% off with code SALE20 throughout this weekend.

Celebrating life - 


Time for Unity

Time for reflection of Soul,

Spirit  and Friendships.  

Copyright V. Rose

Etsy Sale continues

I have decided to give people more time to look through my shop and extended the 20% off sale through the weekend - ending Monday April 29th.  Use code SALE20 at checkout.  Need to raise enough money to fix my car to get to New Mexico for my grandson's first holy communion. 


My shop sells glycerin soaps,  hand-painted candles and gel candles, Czech beaded jewelry and eye-glass lanyards, other jewelry, original signed watercolors, true film photographs and photo cards, door placards, shell wreaths, ribbon-wired book markers and sometimes more. 

Here is a photo of the very first painting I did - 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cat's Life


Curled up in a ball

Awaiting the next food run

My kitty Bootsie

copyright V. Rose 2010

Still running my 20% off entire purchase (excl G/C) with code SALE20 at checkout.  trying to get money together for hubby's partials and fixing my car to get to my grandson's first holy communion. 


20% off entire shop (excluding gift certificates) TODAY, April 24th - with coupon code SALE20 at checkout.  Won't close coupon until tomorrow AM - some things already sold !


My shop sells original Czech beaded jewelry and eye-glass lanyards, other jewelry, shell wreaths, wired ribbon book markers, original signed watercolors, true film photographs and photo cards, gel candles and hand-painted candles, glycerin soaps, door placards and a bit more. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Snow again?

Here we go again - snow - but not as much!  Can we say crazy April in Colorado???
Well have 112 e-mails just in one spot so better go - below is a photo of how I feel right now.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Soaps all made, photographed, packaged and listed on my etsy site -  http://www.etsy.com/shop/EnchantedRoseProduct

 One of the soaps I just listed -

Still promoting for my 20% off all items (excluding gift certificates) on Wednesday, April 24th - take a look now and be ready because will put coupon SALE20 on the night before Mountain Time USA.  Need $ for my partner's partials, for equipment for me since told today may probably be on crutches the rest of my life, to fix the front door to the house, fix the doors to the car especially the driverside door so I can open it from the outside..... etc.  I refuse to give up -

I pray you are all not having the issues I am though I realize that I am luckier than many of you...    and I pray for all....   God Bless.








Angels in the sky

Wishing us all a good day.

Remember to smile!

Copyright V. Rose

Took this last night.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

New soaps

Just finished making some lavender scented, rosemary scented and vanilla scented soaps.  Some bar soaps and some in a heart shape - perfect for Mother's Day.  So don't ignore the April 24th sale with all but GC's 20% off - and don't worry if you are abroad  - I usually start the sale early for me and then until the following day though can't promise when you will get it abroad.   Our USPS gives us no insurance of dates unless you want to pay 10x what the cost is though most people have been receiving their purchases in less than 2 weeks and my postage is still less than what the USPS charges. Above are examples of past soaps sold.

Also candles and jewelry make great gifts - can send straight to the recipient as well.

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Etsy sale

Sold all but 1 of my soaps today - need to make more for the sale on Wednesday - 20% off all items in my shop excluding GC's - use code SALE20 at checkout - trying to get my car fixed so can make it to my grandson's first communion next month - have the gas $ thanks to a friend and an Etsian sale - now need the $ for a tune-up and the battery cables cleaned well - I did the best I could.  Here are some examples -

Saturday, April 20, 2013

One Day sale!


Love the ripple effect of the this Lunipic photo - was unsure if they would show up here -



Words of the Ancients

Telling us stories of old

Remembrance of the past.

Copyright V. Rose 12/10

Find a true film matted photograph of petroglyphs taken at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, USA for sale at the following link - also posted here. 

 Matting is actually 11" x 14" - check it out!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Skinny wraps sent to your home or personally.

Have you had your skinny wrapped today?  Lose weight and detox all at the same time - live near Santa Fe, NM or just want to buy some more wraps - check out my daughter's site - mom of 3 great kids!


weebly site

Have you checked out my weebly site?


If you don't find what you want there -

 go to my etsy site - http://etsy.me/11xRwCR

Many items in both places for now.   But keep both links handy.

Items such as the following and much, much more.  Over 100 items in my Etsy shop. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

April Snows

Remember only 12 more days for new customers to get the 10% off with code APRILNEW in my etsy shop.  Are you ready for Mother's Day?



Flurries in the sky

Covering Mother Earth white

Much needed moisture.

Copyright V. Rose 2010
(revised title 2013) 

Woke up to this this morning.

  Love creating things and love writing - actually spoke to someone I used to teach with in the late 80's - is great to rekindle that friendship - 


People meeting here and there

Souls intertwining within auras.

Spirits creating connections

lasting if only for a moment.

Yet never forgetting 

the link between hearts,

the energy exchanged,

the never-ending impression

of someone who cares 


about your being.

Copyright V. Rose 2010

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Snowing tonight - happened last April too - hard to garden here - but 2 young trees are alive as well as the peach tree that grew from the peach pit - 


Needed for the Earth

Warming up the ground below

Welcoming the birds. 

Copyright V. Rose 2010



Time for unity.

Time for reflections of soul,

connecting with friends.

Copyright V. Rose 2010

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Evening's bracelet

Finally listed the stretch bracelet I made - you do realize that ther are only 13 more days for new customers to use code APRILNEW for 10% off - and less than a month before Mother's Day....    so check it out - 



The day is over.

Stars and moon appear above.

Time to rest the soul.  

Copyright V. Rose 2010

New item- earrings

Well only managed to get the earrings I made posted yesterday - winds kicked up and had to go out and cover the veggies again and call a roofer since one of the shingles came off.  Too dark to check it right now and have an early appointment this morning.  Pray is it not to bad but already called the roofer who fixed it once before.  That is one job here where they are never slow - funny how life gets in the way of things sometimes. 


Remember 10% off this month only for new customers with code APRILNEW - get your Mother's Day gift now!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday morning

"The experts" say to only blog 1-2 times a week but it is so much fun to share all different parts of me with you all - later today plan on posting 2 new items to my etsy and weebly stores.  So check back for the photos and links.  Meanwhile - sit back with your coffee and enjoy the following site

type in weavesilk.com

clicking on it doesn't always work.  

And if you've already seen this site just enjoy the morning.....

Click to Mix and Solve

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Clouds forever

Trying to work on my weebly site - boy does life get in the way - check it out 


and emjoy the photo now -

 A photo I took 2  nights ago....


Good Morning Fellow friends - made some earrings and a bracelet yesterday and will try and get photos up soon -   beginning to concentrate on my own weebly website more for now.  They don't have the discounts like Etsy that I am aware of but if you see something in my weebly site and you are aware of the etsy sale going on - I will match it for you if you e-mail me until I figure out something else - so please check out my weebly site - 


Also here is a cool site someone shared with me the other day!

Haven't figured it all out but is cool - created these:


If the link doesn't work, just type in weavesilk.com in the address bar.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Great friend

Want to thank my friend for sending me a lot of beads and things to help me with making the items for my shop.
 In particular the following:

And don't forget for all  new customers - APRILNEW gets you 10% off at checkout. 

Friday, April 12, 2013


Need to make money for partials for my hubby - over $1000 - just found out - and a time frame so need to keep promoting - and hopefully selling -

This is how my brain feels this morning - hardly slept at all!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

April winds

April is always a challenging month here on the Front range of Colordo but this year seems more difficult - always have winds but unsure do I bucket or don't bucket the veggies that something ate though sprayed around and hope they don't get eaten anymore- if the meantime trying to make money and help my daughter - have you checked out her web site - 


She's a single mother of 3 young children - not her choice - and is one of the hardest working mother's I know.  Please check it out. I love her so.....

And then if you feel like it check out mine -