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Saturday, April 2, 2011

**** THE BEYOND ****
 Pass the trees - over the stream
into the beyond are the answers.
Answers to questions
locked with your soul;
too scared to see the light of day.
Why do you hide;
Keep feelings hidden inside? 
Why do you throw away the key
to those you love, cherish and adore?
Life is not what you expected
in many different ways.
But it is life; it's fulfilling in some ways
yet you feel empty - wanting to hide.
You don't fit in with society anymore -
you can't help as you would wish -
not even your own child; 
though she'll learn as you did.
So you continue to hide
as you learned as a child....
Not heard, not here
no problem, no issues, no discussion
nothing - 
ending in loneliness,
grief and suffering.
The answer....
go pass the trees, over the sream
into the Beyond.   

©Vallee Rose 2011

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