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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Second part of poem - The Mountain Top

Just realized that I left out page 2 of this poem the other day  -

You visited me the day I moved here
and I longed to see you again.
So I drove to the mountain top
to join you.
I witnessed the majestic 
pink clouds of evening 
reflecting the days' intensity 
as demonstrated
by the setting sun
too bright to gaze
upon by the naked eye.
I searched the clouds to find you
but to no avail.
My eyes unable to see
the force of your presence.
Yet my skin chilled
as I knew you were there
beyond these Earth's senses.   

The angels singing your name
combining our souls into One - 
a unity unknown to those below
yet within each one of our cells.
I see you in the raindrops,
the babbling brook and breeze 
as it tickles the leaves
allowing them to begin their journey.
I see you in my cat's eyes-
the dinner I make
and in my dreams.
Someday I will see you again
with my eyes.   
Copyright V. Rose 1999  

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