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Thursday, February 27, 2014

WIND - poem and photos


The trees sway
as the wind blows by.
It stings your eyes
and can make you cry.
The tumbleweeds roll wild
just as we did as a child.
The dust flies high
across the plains then into the sky.
We could get mad
and say it's all bad
but have you ever stopped
to listen to the wind;
hear what it has to say
each and every day?
It comes from above
just as does the dove.
It clears our minds,
our thoughts , our rage
just as if it were a mage
within a kingdom 
of spells and dreams.
That is how I look at the wind
.... listen, I look and I see those beams-
beams of life, love and light -
that is how I begin each night. 

Copyright Vallee Rose 2014

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