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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Inspirational paintings for sale

~~Inspirational paintings~~

It occurred to me that with the world the way it is today, anything uplifting and inspirational to us is beneficial to our heart and soul.  The other day I splashed some watercolors on some paper and then wrote the word HOPE across it, framed it and put up in my office.  For several days I looked at it and loved the message.  So I did more.

I wrote down all the words that inspire me and started to paint.  This time it was  a bit different:  first the watercolor, then using acrylics I painted some type of flower in the center and lastly came the words:  inspire, dream, hope, breathe and the list continues.  Well my first one in my etsy shop sold right away.  So went off to do some more.  Here are 2 more that will be listed this weekend. 

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