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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What is Around.io and How I use it to save hours everyday!

Recently, I was asked how I managed to be without internet for a week and still post on various social sites promoting my Etsy items.  It was simple.  

First, I went to Around.io and signed up immediately connecting my Etsy shop.

Next, I connected my FaceBook page and groups, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr pages to Around.io. That took a total of 4 clicks. 

I was happily scheduling posts when I discovered that if I manually did some as well, I could include Stumble It!, Google+ and Wanelo.  Woohoo....  I was in 7th heaven.  

I have tried sites where I have had to type in the exact words I want posted over and over again but not with Around.io!  I sign in and go straight to my Home tab.  There I can see at a glance how many posts I have previously scheduled with Twitter, FaceBook, Tumblr and Pinterest for the following days.   It also gives me an option to schedule whatever I want to FaceBook or Twitter at a time I schedule.  This option is great if you are having a sale or promotion.  But no time usually? 

Simply click down to the Day Planner and then click Create tweets under Twitter.  There is the option of tweets that are all descriptions with photos, or just some descriptions with photos and the rest descriptions alone and even better, I can have some tweets with photos, some without photos and some with famous quotes thrown in to vary my twitter style.  I love it!  I can delete and/or edit any tweets I want to as well.  You ask about hash tags?  Under settings, you can add numerous hashtags and prioritize them.  No need to type in your team name or "valentineday" (for example) on every tweet.  
Next I go back and click on Create Posts under FaceBook Pages and choose which page I have connected to, I wish to post them.  Fabulous, that is done.  

Onto FaceBook groups.  After you click Create Posts, you will see posts ready.  On the top, you can choose the groups where you want to post it  (all your groups are automatically transferred for you so you don't have to remember them).    And you can change your selections whenever you want.  So now you look at your posts ready to be scheduled and choose the group where you want that post sent.  Want them all to the same group?  You can do that too with just 1 click!
Next comes Pinterest and you can choose all posts to go to one board, to random boards or pick and choose.   And finally Tumblr.  Click Create Posts and again choose the page where you want them to be posted.  

But wait!  

I am sure you all have questions and I am NOT done yet.  You may be asking:  how are they scheduled, can I edit?   What I like is that everything is scheduled randomly so you catch people when they are least expecting it.  There is your item popping up in their view!  No more every 15 minutes like clockwork when people are expecting it and ignore you.  Plus, you can manually schedule posts at any second you want.  
As for editing.  You can edit everything before you submit.  No time?  Just click and go!

Sounds too good to be true?  Well there is more.  Under the Scheduled tab, you can edit/delete up to the moment the post is sent out.  There is a tab to connect to a RSS feed, but honestly haven't even had the time to check that out yet.  

And to top this all off, click the shop tab and there are all your products.  Select one item and a brand new page pops up with options to post on FaceBook (timeline, fan pages and groups), Twitter (you can schedule up to 3x an hour with multiple dates and lots more), Pinterest with all your boards, Tumblr and now is the cherry on top of the sundae!!!!   You can post to Stumble It!, Google+ and Wanelo as well.  Pick the picture you want, the words you want etc. Or just use the words you have previously posted on your site, they are already there!

I feel at this point all of this must be a bit overwhelming; it sure was for me.  And there is a lot more I haven't even discovered yet.  Anyway, I e-mailed the guy in charge to ask some questions and the same day I received an e-mail back.  He is a real person who loves to help.  
The question that always arises is How Much?  A free 7-day trial  and it is just that FREE with free help.  Now who could go wrong with that.  Don't wait any longer; start promoting while you sleep now!   Click here for your 7 day free trial. No obligations.

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