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Tuesday, January 11, 2011



I do not wish
to bind you
in a path not yours.
i do not wish to dictate
your every move -
your choices, your freedom.
I wish to offer peace,
loving arms to embrace you,
caresses to share my love,
ears to hear your pain.
I wish to offer solitude
from the noise of this
confused planet,
a place of safety
for the children,
a place of dreams
to all
I wish to fall asleep knowing
your arms will soon surround me
melting away our daily
creating sanctity
between two souls
causing spirit to soar,
our hearts to beat
with the love
we share
rather than the
chaos of the word.
I wish to offer you
a world of bliss;
of no chains.

©Vallee Rose 2001

sunrise - SE

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