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Saturday, January 8, 2011



I pray you wake up
each morning with
a smile on your face.
I pray the first words
you hear are "I love you".
I pray you are hugged
and kissed as you
I pray each day
brings you happiness
and cheer;
and one step closer to God.
I pray the sunset
reminds you of the
love you have
in your life.
I pray you fall asleep
next to the One true love
of your life every night -
And this love continues
throughout the night,
intertwining among
your dreams
continues as you awake
the following day
and forever -
I pray for your happiness.
I pray for your peace.
I pray you always
remember that
an angel
watches over you
for eternity.

©Vallee Rose 2001

Sunset 01-08-11 001.JPG

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