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Monday, January 20, 2014

Celebrating this week~~~ etsy sale!

To all my new friends and ones that I have had for a long time - I want to celebrate this week - Martin Luther Kings Birthday (20th), Hug Day (21) and just to a great week for everyone. 

Valentine's Day is coming as well and I would like to offer 25% off all items in my Etsy shop through Friday, January 24th!  Use code SALE25 at checkout.  There is usually a small button on the right (I think it is blue) that asks for a coupon or code.  Here's the link....


I sell worldwide and take credit cards and Paypal and other options if arranged beforehand. 
There are shabby chic looking items, handpainted candles, jewelry of different types, eye-glass lanyards, watercolors, bookmarks, glycerin soaps, photographs, door placards, dream catchers and a bit more.  All handcrafted by myself.  

             (Gift certificates excluded from this sale as well as custom orders.)
           Here are just a few items of the 100+ that I sell.  Any questions - just ask. 
                               HAVE A FANTASTIC WEEK!

 photo 22d5f71d-1034-469a-8ace-e3cc5ae2d756_zpsacc5186c.jpg photo 21593b54-1dc5-41ff-8eca-c7f9c8a863bb_zps778580b5.jpg photo 5b4ef362-2b34-4edf-b228-8891b6a4ace5_zps919da209.jpg photo 7a25da11-01a4-4cce-8d5b-fc2af9347c39_zpsc4dfdffa.jpg photo 41823fd0-bfec-4159-8399-dd4b17e653d6_zpsf03aea8d.jpg photo 1e8bba9d-4b6e-4496-8185-1de84dc09001_zps0a51b3c3.jpg

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