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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Get ready for the summer - Skinny Wrap results - check out the last one!

Been using these products for 10 months now.   I use them as I can: have wrapped about 10 times (average 1x monthly), used the supplements and do a little exercise as I can - I have a bad foot and wrist.   But as soon as you see those pants get a bit looser, the motivation increases.   Check out all the products;  have also used the face cream and I do not look my age.  

Here are the links:

(with some brand new products)

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And more info here:


Photos don't lie: And I am a grandma!

 June 30, 2013  Before

 March 17, 2014 Before 

 March 18, 2014  After
(want to go get a bathing suit - even I can't believe)

Here are some of the items I used:

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