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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Morning Skies - a poem to begin your day!

I haven't been posting or really writing much poetry lately and found this mornng, that I miss writing.  So here is my morning skies for you.


Have you ever noticed the skies of morn?
They are so precious as a new day is born.
Birds begin to cheep
as school buses beep.
Dogs are let outdoors 
and bark seemingly to add their voices to the noise.  
Cats meow for morning food, soft or loud?
It all depends on their present mood.

But just then you glance to the East
seeing what you believe is a big, huge beast. 
The skies are bright red 
reminding you of blood from the dead.  
Yet in an instant, the sun bursts through
announcing the morn;
thanking the angels that 
another beautifully precious day is born.

Copyright Vallee Rose 2015

And this lovely watercolor is about to be offered as a print in my Etsy shop!