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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ready for the first week of the new year? First use code SALE50 for 50% off tonight!

Tonight as I sit here I realize that this is the last night of the holiday season.  Tomorrow is Monday where many people go back to work.  My prayer for 2015 is that people remember the "closeness" of the holiday season; the joy, the cheer, the songs, the friendships that we have all shared and continue to keep this cheer all year long. 

Tonight is also the end of my holiday section sale - but instead of 35% off with code HOLIDAY35, use code SALE50 and get 50% off the entire holiday section!  Only my blog readers are getting this sale. 

And new items and new ideas are coming into play.  Already have Valentine items ready.  Check these out.  Also many items have free USA shipping; new for 2015!  So let me know if there are thngs that you would like to see.  My customers are important to me so I want to sell the things that you want to buy.  


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