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Friday, August 2, 2013

Featured Etsy Artisan # 18

Joy Patzner's Profile


I live in beautiful Northern California. I am only a mile from downtown Nevada City and love walking to town to mail a letter rather than driving it. This area has inspired me to make more and more of the things I love. I am a native Northern California person. I spent most of my years in the San Jose area until I moved up more north in 1999.

I love doing craft shows where I can interact personally with people and they can see for themselves the creations I make.

If you are in another country and it says the item doesn't ship to that country, contact me and I will figure out the postage for that country and add it to the item you want.

If you buy something that has sold, I will make a replacement within a week. 

AJoyfulCreation's Shop Announcement

Thank you for visiting my shop! I have made everything you see in this shop. I took all the photos myself.
On the note cards if you want a mixture of cards do the custom order and describe or put the identifying number found in the description of each card. All cards are blank and include envelopes.
Photos will soon all be matted. If you want a photo without a matte please custom order it. It will be $5.00 cheaper if it doesn't include the matte.
Hydrangea Macro 11 x 14  photograph with 16 x 20 mattePhiladelphia Eagles Eye and Sunglasses case Sleepy Cat eye and sunglasses case  


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  1. Wow! Thank you so much!!! This is very nice of you. I should do a blog but just haven't gotten that far in my life.