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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chieftain has called - poems and photos

The votes say they want poetry and photography!

Chieftain Calls

She walked into the room -
candles ablaze -
scent of jasmine in the air-
hair flowing over
her bare back
as the flaming red nightgown
slid cautiously
down her taught legs. 
Bending over the sofa
she caresses your chest
melting into One...
One with the glowing aroma
of sensuality;
One with the holiness of life;
One with the soul
lying next to her;
not for the first time,
not in a long time.
The chief again beckons
her to come
to be his
forever... and forever
has come. 

Copyright V. Rose


  1. Very beautiful poem one can feel the emotions

  2. The poetry and photos are beautiful!!