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Monday, October 7, 2013

Police Abuse - please read - I need help

This happened to me and my partner Sunday October 6th around 12:10 AM - it ccan happeb to you !

If anyone knows a good constitutional lawyer in Colorado - PLEASE contact me - also if I am not all here for a few days - I am experiencing PTSD (post-traumantic stress disorder) - BP high - pulse high - can't sleep - am still tramatized!

I have been traumatized - last night around midnight my cell was going off and woke me up but not in time to answer -- about 9 minutes later it went off again and my partner (we are both disdabled) woke asking me what was going on - I said I didn't know - before I could look at the phone - there was a loud knock on the door - it was the cops - I got the dog in the bathroom and went to get my robe - first room from the kitchen door - as my partner opened the door - in that short time - the cops barged in and had Obbie on the kitchen floor on his stomach and the cops knee in his back because my partner said that there was no medical emergency and we didn't need help - I freaked - they could paralye him - he has spinal cord injury -they said he was being uncooperative - supposedly somehow the life line went off with our # - that cat was with me and the dog didn't do it so unsure how it happened and the car center doesn't either - later the lieutenant explained sometimes it can be the batteries - but the care center reported to me that they had no indication of that - but that isn't the point - they kept asking for my partner's ID and he doesn't have to show that under the Constitution - he finally went to get it with 3 cops with him while they forced me to stay in the Living room - and they proceeded to open every door in the house to every room (had gotten the cat in another room cuz they refused to close the kitchen door at first). Anyway - they searched my entire house - hurt my partner and said they were just doing their job - later the paramedics made it and the cops told them there was no medical emergency - that is what my partner told them at the beginning when they were at the door - but they forced themselves in anyway. Paramedics never ask for ID- I was told they had to search the house because they don't know if there is a fire or something else is wrong - the Life Line is a medical alert company - obviously no fires and I kept telling them nothing was wrong - there were over 7 cops in my house- basically invading my space- not believing what I said - - paramedics do - I am still totally traumatized.

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  1. Still can't believe this has happened to you guys~ I wish you all the best.
    I hope you find some peace of mind. And a good Lawyer. Hugs