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Tuesday, June 24, 2014



I struggle to sleep- the thoughts , the pain.
I toss and turn and get so drained.
If only my eyelids would stay closed
and I had a chance to at least doze.
I might remember a dream, a thought or anything
rather than merely the tossing and turning.

I feel the cat as she paws my head
telling me she wants to get under the covers and be with me in bed.
It's cute and her fur feels cold so I am a sucker as I am told.
But I love curling up with her and keeping her warm,
hearing her purr until the morn
when the dog starts to yawn letting me know
to get out of bed, play outside and make sure she's fed. 

But where were the dreams to learn more about me
rather than merely several more hours  
        of tossing and turning with nothing to see

Copyright Vallee Rose 2014



  1. Love the Poem Vallee... believe it or not I can relate 100% to what it is saying... :-)

  2. A sad poem ~ sleep as per chance to dream ~

  3. Beautiful photos, Vallee. The poem is awesome and I definitely understand as I can never fall asleep until the wee hours. I'll have to skip the comfort from the kitty, since I am extremely allergic!!! Fantastic post and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

  4. Love your poem and photos Vallee! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you everyone - haven't remembered most dreams in a long time -