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Friday, July 19, 2013

Featured Etsian #15 - BelleBloomVintage

Let's help out this new Etsy seller by faving her items and her shop.  Not on Etsy?   Check out her Facebook page and Pinterest boards mentioned below.   This is a great story on how she decided to create an Etsy shop as well as her love of creating handmade gift boxes combined with exclusive vintage and handmade items - read her story and decide for yourself. 

Welcome to Belle Bloom Vintage and Collections! Our shop features primarily quality vintage (and handmade) treasures that have been stored away for decades and some handcrafted goodies made by me.
I come from a line of very talented family members who I have always wanted to share with you through Etsy. My dad used to make jewelry 30 years ago and sold many other valuable goods in order to provide for the family. He immediately had to pursue another career because it was just not enough to sustain the family that time. Though he put a lot of hard work in making jewelry to feed the family, he definitely would go back now to making jewelry in a heartbeat!

My auntie has always been so amazingly crafty. 30 years ago, she was responsible for making all the macrame jewelry and accessories featured in this shop. She spent diligent hours crafting macrame jewelry to sell to help our struggling family.

All of their merchandise have been safely stored and in great condition. They pride themselves in possessing high quality merchandise and using high quality materials in their crafts.

My family has inspired the creative side in me that I am very excited to share with you. I love making boxes and wrapping them! I spent countless hours on each box to perfect every detail with care and love. I always enjoy seeing the smile on people's faces when they see a nicely wrapped box that contains their gift. Feel free to send me a message regarding customizing gift boxes for you!

How could this shop exist without our manager and masco, the pup, pictured in our avatar? I'm a proud auntie of the dog who lives far away with my brother. I do miss the pup a lot though! I keep my home smoke-free and pet-free, so that means...the pup is not allowed here.  Still miss him. 
Anyhow, now that you learned my ultimate secret for wrapping and my family's history, we hope you enjoy your stay in our shop. We also hope that you would allow us to pass along a piece of our family history and love to you and your home! 

 BelleBloomVintage's Shop Announcement

Elegant, beautiful, simply vintage assortment of household goods, jewelry, accessories, and collectibles. Vintage items are over 25 to 30 years old and great for personal, gifts, display, or collecting.

Please enjoy your stay as you browse around our products. We will be adding new items each day so come back and visit us soon! Thank you for stopping by.

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  Handmade Macrame Bracelet w/ Ceramic Beads, Chinese Macrame, Macrame Bracelet, Knotted Jewelry, Cord Bracelet, Chinese Macrame Bracelet Vintage Handmade Chinese Macrame Necklace-Red/Black, Macrame Jewelry, Knotted Necklace, Nylon Cord Jewelry, Asian Jewelry,Oriental Necklace Vintage Handmade Chinese Macrame Wall Hanging Ornament, Home Decor, Chinese Butterfly, Chinese Knot, Good Luck Chinese Knot,  Necklace Cord 
   Vintage Chinese Neck Tie Clip with Jade Jewel, Gold Tie Clip, Simple Tie Clip, Elegant Elaborate Tie Clip, Gifts for Men, Mens Accessories Vintage Chinese Heart-Shaped cloisonné Pendant Lock (Double-Sided), Elegant Simple Oriental Pendant,  Chinese Jewelry, Chinese Locket Vintage 18K Gold-Filled Stony Plates Linked Bracelet, Large Gold Bracelet, Fashion Bracelet, Stylish 18kt Bracelet, Retro Jewelry 
  Vintage 18K Gold-Filled Plated Band Link Necklace, Shiny Necklace, Beautiful Gold Necklace, Vintage Gold, Womens Chain Necklace Vintage Handmade Chinese Macrame Earrings, Macrame Jewelry, Knotted Earrings, Nylon Cord Jewelry, Asian Jewelry, Oriental Earrings Handmade Jewelry Gift Box (Red Plaid), Jewelry Box, Necklace Box, Craft Jewelry Box, Handcraft Box, Classy Jewelry Box, Gift Box, Fancy Box

   Vintage 18K Gold-Filled Twisted Bracelet, Gold Chain Bracelet, Gold Bracelet, Elegant Simple bracelet, Fashion Bracelet, 18kt Gold Bracelet Vintage 18K Gold-Filled Stacked Necklace, Simple Gold Necklace, Thick Necklace, Heavy Gold Necklace, Retro Necklace, Gold Filled, Elegant Handmade Jewelry Gift Box (Silver Plaid color), Floral Gift Box, Gift Box with Rose, Fancy Gift Box, Crafty Box, Premade Wrap, Handcraft Box

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