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Monday, July 22, 2013

My life - transplanting the peach tree -

I pray the little peach tree I transplanted doesn't die - I did not get the entire tap root - but got the fence put up around it and transplanted.  However just as I got it into the ground with water drizzling into it - I received a call from the emergency center - hubby had pressed his emergency botton - first time he has EVER done that - they said he was in the house and feeling like he was going to pass out .  I literally ran into the house - not far - but threw my crutch and everything but the phone on the ground - immediately took his blood sugar again after running into the bathroom to get more strips to test - his sugars had been at 40 - (normal is the lowest 60 fasting) so after 2 T of honey and 2 cups of OJ - he is a type I diabetic so never has anything with sugar - which means his sugar had been below 40 - luckily the paramedics were right behind me almost - they did take him to the ER and gave him another antibiotic for his persistent cough - he has barely slept for the past month and getting worse - a possible type of pneumonia that doesn't show up on X-Rays and his kidneys are getting worse - his mother died of kidney failure.   His auto-immune nervous system disorder seems to be acting up - where blood pressure - which was low also - and he has high blood pressure problems - and sugars just do whatever they feel like doing. Anyway - that was my day Sunday - -wops doggie's paw watch going off - better take her out -

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