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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wrapped again - check out photos - have lost on the average 3.4 inches top, middle and hips each

Wrapped again last night - and here are the results - may only have lost 3-4 pounds but clothes are fitting because losing inches!   I drink extra water (about 80 ounces daily) - do about 10 minutes of exercise every 2-3 days (nothing strenuous and walking is great - but I can't do that on crutches easily  - if you walk a dog - wonderful!) and use some of the supplements and there you go - it is not a take a pill and you will lose weight program but can increase metabolism - real important for those of us who are menopausal and everything seems to have slowed down - but in my case my mind hasn't - and being on crutches I know I will never be 120 pounds again - but I can still LOOK GOOD!  Guys still look at me -

After 1st wrap


After 2nd wrap -  4 days after 1st

 Not everyone will have these results - but the more you change other things in your diet and move around a bit more - just walking around the house will help - you can have GREAT results as well without starving.  

These are REAL photos -

 I am a 57 year old woman who usually is very active but hurt my foot permanently last October and need a bit of extra help to get back to where I was. 

 I am not a sexy 16 year old - but looking good!

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