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Friday, April 18, 2014

ARTELEM Etsy shop -


I am an artist, and every artwork is done with great love. It’s important to me that my work carried good cheer and joy to their owner. In my original artworks I try to reflect my own view of our colorful and magical world.
The unique artworks are amazing compositions, performed with a handmade print and acrylic painting on the pages of the antique architectural magazine.

These artworks are created by me in the original mixed media: the combination of art print page book and acrylic hand painting.
Each original artwork is unique and is made on the pages of this antique architecture magazine that holds traces of former times. Thanks to generosity of antique handmade pages and acrylic paintings, each work of art is an individual and unique composition of acrylic handmade painting, collage and vintage prints.

They are printed with only with the help of a digital printer, giving high professional quality to the printing and depths to the color. It would be impossible to achieve such a result on a standard inkjet printer.

These original artworks can be excellent and surprising gifts. Wonderful works of art will decorate the interior; they look great on the wall, filling the interior with charm and elegance, inherent only of antique books and antique works of art.

After purchasing five artworks, you get the sixth one free. To do this, you include a reference on the sixth work to the account of your choice. Do not buy it (not to pay), and simply send a reference on it.

Before you buy please read the policy of the shop.

Thank you for visiting ArtElem Studio.

ORIGINAL ARTWORK Elephants Love - elephant print - HAND Painted- Mixed Media - print page book ORIGINAL ARTWORK  Blue octopus -Hand Painted Mixed Media Art Print  octopus print Typewriter - ORIGINAL ARTWORK Typewriter print Hand Painted Mixed Media Art Print on Vintage magazine.

Butterfly  print-  ORIGINAL ARTWORK - Mixed Media - print page book, HAND Painted, art print, dictionary print Lion and Globe- ORIGINAL ARTWORK print page book lion print Mixed Media HAND Painted, art print on  vintage magazine Unicorn - ORIGINAL ARTWORK Unicorn print , Art  print ,HAND Painted- Mixed Media  dictionary print

Red Rose - ORIGINAL ARTWORK , acrilic Hand Painted, Art Print, Mixed Mediaon vintage book Hands and butterflies - ORIGINAL ARTWORK butterfly art print- Mixed Media -HAND Painted, print  book page Elephant - ORIGINAL ARTWORK  Elephant ART Print and Hand painted print page book, original artwork

Elephant and the fly agaric- HAND Painted- ORIGINAL ARTWORK Mixed Media  on  antique magazine Cat Love- ORIGINAL ARTWORT, Mixed Media - ART Print Hand Painted vintage book Eagles - ORIGINAL ARTWORK  Art print and HAND Painted - Mixed Media - on  vintage magazine.


  1. Brillant and creative artwork!

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