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Sunday, June 2, 2013

FatFighter supplements - Received them!

 Got my first auto-ship of FatFighter Supplements yesterday - I can't wait to see how a month of them work.  Since partner does all the cooking and buying of food, I don't always have the chance to eat exactly what I want.  Plus food prices are escalating so also have our veggie garden though smaller than last year - here's a photo of it just starting.... the tree in the middle is a peach tree from a peach pit - you really can grow them -

And if interested in the FatFighter products or anything else the company sells like the skinny wraps (I lost 2 1/4 inches off my hips, navel and top EACH in just one wrap) - contact my daughter at sexyskinnywrapsnm@gmail.com  and/or check out her web pages:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/julie.skinnywraps     and LIKE her page

Website - https://sexyskinnywrapsnm.myitworks.com

or call her at (505) 699-3666

Here's what I ordered - 

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