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Monday, June 10, 2013

Featured Artist #6 Kate Brooks

I love how Kate combines her work with the work she does with preschoolers - children can teach us alot - as long as we listen!

Nothing is ever broken

Happy Hello!

I am a wife and mother. I am also a preschool teacher. I have found the love of mosaics and now I am an artist! Life is an amazing adventure!

I am inspired by my little preschool students. They are fearless in their art. They love to get messy and create! Nothing stops their imagination. They are always original, involved in the process of "Making" and truthful in the way they experience art. That is my goal.

The idea of broken pieces becoming whole is my truth. This message touches my soul. My mosaics are intended to reflect that beauty is all our pieces integrated together!

Come see the world within my art! 
  Black Resin Skull Pendant Mosaic Jewlery box/ heart box/stained glass Mosaic Make up Compact 
   Mosaic sun shell mirror Funky Girl Purse Oval Mosaic Mirror Wire fused glass Christmas tree Ornament 
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