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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Want to make money and look great at the same time?

Want to detox and tone your body all at the same time AND the potential for making money?  Check this out - for only $30 USA and $35 international - you can get 1 skinny wrap to try out before you make a committment - that includes shipping and handling!  (shipping time to foreign countries dependent on all the postal services).  Want it quicker?  E-mail me at valleerose57@yahoo.com and will quote you a price before I send on to my daughter who is the distributor - here's her sites - and you can become a loyal customer by signing up on her page below and get all the products for less cost with or without the first wrap. 


(If on FB please befriend her - divorced mom of 3 young ones).

I am saving my money for more wraps - I love them!  Not just saying this because I am her mother - my partner wants to try them too and he is hesitant of everything but saw the difference with me.)

E-mail her or myself for any questions but remember I am only her helper - she is the distributor and can give you much better information - even how to become a distributor yourself for less than $100 US.

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