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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Featured Etsian #6 - Char Baumgardner

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I enjoyed handmade art from a young age. My family is very artistic so I was fortunate to see handcrafted treasures created from start to finish. Creating and designing come second nature to me, if I can dream it I can design it.

I spent several years in the wholesale gift industry, creating unique designs with fabric, ceramics, jewelry and anything else that caught my eye.

Jewelry has proven to be my passion and I am now focused on designing and creating unique pieces that everyone can enjoy.

My favorite designs includes the use of vintage jewelry, semi precious gem stones, beads, stampings and other findings.

Watches have always been a favorite accessory of mine. I find they are wonderful to use as a base to design and build upon to create a collectable piece of jewelry in many styles.

Enjoy your time browsing through my unique collection and hopefully one can become yours.


Lapis bead necklace with multiple silver chains and silver flower and leaf accents Leather wrap wrist watch, in brown with silver adornments Octopus pocket watch, mens pocket watch with octopus mounted on front case in silver Round watch pendant, round silver watch with  Czech beads, Tibetan silver beads, and charms Angel Earrings in violet and bronze with Czech trumpet flowers Mockingjay flask, mini key chain flask with mockingjay and bronze arrow on key chain
Butterfly Bobbi pin set, pink cameos in bronze filigree settings with bronze butterfly charms Aqua three flower cabochon ring, acrylic auqua floral cabochon is set on adjustable filigree bronze ring Leather strap wrist watch, in brown with bronze adornments

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