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Saturday, June 1, 2013

New items have arrived to my shop.

Brand new listings of several glycerin soaps - new scents - have come to my shop this morning!  Get them first.  Bar soaps, heart-shaped and shells: purple, blood-red and yellow colors.  


on FaceBook - check out -  


 Swarovski beaded earrings are next. 

 NOW - if you are going to smell nice - let's look nice - check out my daughter's skinny wrap pages.  Contact her for 1 wrap just to try and if you are like me - you  will be  convinced!  Thanks at least for checking them out and please share!  

($25 for 1 wrap - well worth it! - 
and if you become a loyal customer than the price decreases a lot - I did!)



Look for yourself:

Check out all the photos on her FaceBook page!

  • Before
    My appearance has changed noticeably with four applications.
    Considering I just had my fourth child, I absolutely love the Ultimate Body Applicator I have been using this product for 2 months. Overall, my appearance has changed noticeably with four applications. Thank you, It Works! You've changed my life!

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