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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Oceans - a true story.


Oceans with her ebb and flow
always seems to have the "know"
female energy at its' best
always churning even at rest.

Photos and poem copyrighted under the name Vallee Rose; all rights reserved. 

Thought I would edit and add this to today's blog - my true story

I absolutely love the ocean but very scared to go out too far.   when I was seven years old, I was out in the Atlantic Ocean by Montauk Point with my mother and a friend.  We went there every summer and I played and dove threw the big waves all the time.   But on this day, my mother was holding hands with us both and one of those big waves broke too far out.    There was no way to get to it in time.  The wave smashed down on top of me.   Needless to say, I lost hold of my mother's hand and went down!

Once I came to my senses, I remembered to swim toward the light  But what - the water was churning so hard that I couldn't tell.  Instead at seven years old, I decided to just "be".  I watched the crabs go twirling by as they were caught up in the wave too.  I spoke to the Creator and just then my head popped up into the air.  "Mom, I want to go in!" I heard myself scream.  Then another wave smashed down on me.  

We got to the beach; my friend had been washed up there by the wave.  And I must admit, I have never gone out that far in the ocean again. 


  1. Lovely poetry, but very scary story!! I would definitely want to stay closer to the shore after an experience like that.

  2. Love this Vallee, I myself was caught in a Riptide off the Calf. cost once...felt like the cats mouse!
    Michele MFJ

  3. Love the poem and what happens to one when young really can affect how we view things when older! True!

    Your experience reminds me of what happened to me.

    I fell into the lake off a pier when I was only 4 yrs. old. It wasn't until I was 25 when I taught myself how to swim (of sorts) that I felt even a little comfortable around large bodies of water. Swimming pools are scary with everyone jumping in but oceans are the worst for me. I can't take large waves.
    I'll sit that one out .. in the shade.