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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Twings & Twangs

 Twings & Twangs
 Tears flow I know not why
     but lately it seems all I do is cry.
    Back hurts as I stretch and bend
     as if I am a body to mend.
    Tendinitis they say is in my wrist
    though it only takes the slightest twist
    to scream the aches into my veins
     telling me simply to deal with the pain.
    But what about the hip with its' twings and twangs
      reminding me when I walk this is more than a "dang"!
       Or the burning of back flowing down through the legs
     attempting to escape but one can only beg
      to let itself known and attempt to rest
       for all we can do is our very best. 

                           Copyright Vallee Rose 2014

Sunrise 07 25 14

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