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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Vintage OldFamiliar etsy shop.


website: oldfamiliar.com
I am also collector and like to share my treasures with you !

old counter Comptometer Model H good condition

I started to sell "antiques" when I saw, better my wife, that our house became into a museum. It was just to much, so I promised, I will change it. It was a difficult issue, because I am all weekends on many flea markets. I decided to keep some of the treasures for a while and then i will sell them. I liked it so much that I bought things to sell, and my own business was born. I love the contacts all over the world and I get daily new impressions about old "stuff" and also art. Now I try to sell collector items which I also would like to have, so I do, for a short while.

Firehand 175 hurricane lantern top exclusive Serie : Berlin / Germany  downtown Pic10 Binoculars Viking 10 x 40 6,5 with box

Mussbach lemon squeezer silver plated art deco old letter scales 0 - 100gr and 0 - 500gr enamel art d'eco around 1910 BUDERUS year plate 450 years Kopernikus

kids sewing machine 70ths Sew-ette exclusive Serie : Berlin / Germany  downtown Pic4 Voigtländer "Jubilar"  Voiglar 1:9 Anastigmat Braunschweig

Chewing tobacco or tobacco pot blue stoneware with belgian coat of arms kids roller skates from the 20ths Hudora L 16 Pinwheel calculator  Original Odhner


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    Great layout and selections Vallee!! :)

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    Awesome job Vallee!

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