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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The White Morning Dove

I don't usually blog twice in a day - but have something on my mind this morning..... 

                        THE WHITE MORNING DOVE

What is this sadness I currently feel?
Is it the wars or am I in fear?
Could it be the hunger and strife
Which so many today have begun to call life?
I walk through the grass as I hear the birds call,
clouds overhead, the rain begging to fall.
Oh how serene the day has begun;
I close my eyes to imagine the fun.
But behind these eyes of baby blue,
I no longer see peace that comes with morning dew.
Instead I travel to lands near and far
only to find my soul shaken and ajar.
It seems that man has encompassed the hate
rather than  what the Creator wished to be our fate.
We have the free will to choose good or bad;
so why choose the evil?  My feelings are mad!
My heart cries for the children who live without "home";
no longer cries of joy, one hears only the moan.
The battles of war fought under the sun
are beginning to promise that our world is done.
I came here to cherish, bring faith, hope and love.
I circle the Earth as a white morning dove.
But now all I feel is sadness and gloom;
I am so afraid this is our doom.
So what is this sadness I currently feel?
It is the cries for hope and the love to heal.

Photo and poem copyright Vallee Rose 2014


  1. Val my dear, your heart is so true and full of that lovely wisdom I always knew. You brought tears to my eyes as this is something I always think of when I look at the moon or the 'white morning dove' as you so poetically put it! I wish I could write like you
    Love Beth xx

    1. Beth - so great to see your comment - thank you - there are many things that you well my friend.

  2. Vallee,

    Love this poem. There is so much going on in our beautiful world. I agree that for right now there is hurt and pain in so many places. Goodness and kindness will prevail. That is my hopes and prayers. Thank you for sharing this piece of beauty with us.

  3. I'm speechless... I totally agree with you Vallee... Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thanks for commenting Jesse - I am speechless in a way myself

  4. Wow, that is deep and sincere! And very true! Great poem Vallee!!

  5. Astonishingly beautiful, and so sad but true that this seems to be the norm these days, with so many people hurting and needing, and looking for comfort and hope. I do have hope that the human race will wake up and that our world will be better for our children and grandchildren.

    1. Thank you Lind - I believe White Lion did a song with a somewhat common theme about the children - just remembered - thanks for commenting.

  6. So beautifully written! The "man in the moon" probably does see a great difference in the lives and attitudes of our generation and is saddened.

    1. Thank you for your comment LarrineRose - I always try nd bring more love into this world - it helps in so many ways - the little things.