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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

PetitChatVintage Potti Team etsy shop

Vintage 60s Vanity Fair Pale Blue Flowing Babydoll Gown

Welcome to PetitChatVintage... where lovely vintage lives!   My shop is PetitChatVintage named after my love for French things and my awesome cat, Sophie. I hope you enjoy my shop!

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I love all the pieces in my shop, I hope you love them too!

PetitChatVintage offers a variety of unique vintage pieces from numerous different eras. From dresses to scarves or bags, we've got a little of something for everyone- and every aspect of your wardrobe!

I love all things historical and vintage. Specifically- I love looking for vintage clothing, researching, and sharing all of my finds!
When I'm not on the hunt for new finds, I'm spending time with my family and just enjoying life in general.

-Sara H.P.

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